R U OK? CLT, Ashlee Joy Hardee – Tickets – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC – May 21st, 2019

R U OK?  CLT, Ashlee Joy Hardee


Ashlee Joy Hardee

Guillermo Villar, Glenn Proctor, Missy Willis

Tue, May 21, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Evening Muse

Charlotte, NC


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In a world of curated images, likes and followers, true connection has been lost. It’s what isn’t shown, the subtext in between the moments shared that is most important.

Join us for a night dedicated to rediscovering the importance of true human connection through the power of music, comedy and conversation. Let’s start to remove the stigma surrounding mental health by simply asking…

Guillermo Villar
Guillermo Villar has volunteered as an MHA Storyteller since 2013, sharing about his journey with depression and helping break mental health stigma one conversation at a time. Originally an engineer, he's charted a unique career path that led him to his current work as an executive communication coach with his company Cambio Coaching. Guillermo loves spending time with his cat and two dogs and playing jazz guitar around Charlotte, where he lives with his wonderful, supportive wife Danielle.
Glenn Proctor
Glenn Proctor became active with Mental Health America in 2017 as an advocate because of shared experience: He heard the shot as his grandfather took his life, had a severe substance abuse problem and as a veteran is concerned about the number of veterans taking their lives daily. And, as a foster child, single parent and cancer survivor, he has worked to understand trauma for all age groups. He is certified is an MHA Storyteller, a QPR Suicide Prevention Instructor, Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Professional Life Coach and North Carolina Peer Support Specialist. A 40-year journalist, media professor and longtime mentor to hundreds of journalist and career professionals, he retired as the executive editor and vice president of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Missy Willis
Missy Willis began volunteering as a storyteller for MHA in 2017 with one goal in mind: to reframe the idea that “bad” children are simply hurt children. Watching her own brother’s mental health struggles that eventually led to his suicide, she amplified her voice to challenge harmful, yet socially supported, punitive practices towards children in our homes, schools, and judicial system.

Knowing personally how healing writing can be, she started a gathering entitled Writing Letters to our Departed Loved Ones in an effort to offer connection and healing to those grieving. Be on the lookout this summer for her launch of Better From Here, a resource and community support space for individuals who have made a conscientious decision to increase the good in their lives from this point forward.
Venue Information:
The Evening Muse
3227 N. Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC