Tray Wellington and Uncaged Thoughts Band and Chris Frisina – Tickets – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC – May 9th, 2020

Tray Wellington and Uncaged Thoughts Band and Chris Frisina

Tray Wellington

Chris Frisina

All Ages
Tray Wellington (formerly of Cane Mill Road) and Uncaged Thoughts Band and Chris Frisina

Tray Wellington

Tray Wellington is a banjo player rising on the scene. With startling creativity, and good bluegrass drive he has become proficient in a number of musical situations from traditional bluegrass, to bebop, and everything in between! He got known on an International Level when getting the 2019 IBMA Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year Award. He has not only played at some of the biggest bluegrass festivals in the country he has been mentored by some of the world’s greatest banjo players including Scott Vestal, and Bela Fleck. It is sure people will be hearing more from Tray, and his very bright future. His new album Uncaged Thoughts will be released February 29th!

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Chris Frisina

Chris Frisina was born in the rustic town of Olean, New York to a family of northeastern wiseacres and intelligent hillbillies who remain hell bent on living full, rich lives despite brutal winters in a persistent economic downturn. Runt of the litter, according to his only sister.

Not one to commit easily, he skirted the compulsive hunting and fishing tradition held close to his father’s heart - instead cultivating a sensitivity more suited to artists and vagabonds. In illustrations, his pen swirl meanders towards an eventual finish only understood upon completion – just as in his music.

In songwriting, Chris uses what can only be explained as a genetic link to ancestral angst and talent to search for his place in a world out of sync. Part unquiet soul. Part young fool. Chris hopes to share his observations on our shared journey through life in mutual search of something pure.

Chris continues to pull from a constant and pervasive sense of disquiet–gleaned from his childhood, solo travels, work experiences, sullen periods of insomnia and close friendships–to create mournful tones, pulsing with lost opportunity, longing and regret. Except for those few magical times, when it goes the other way.

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Venue Information:
The Evening Muse
3227 N. Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC, 28205