Pluto Gang with Frute – Canceled – Tickets – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC – October 3rd, 2020

Pluto Gang with Frute - Canceled

Pluto Gang


All Ages
Pluto Gang with Frute

Pluto Gang is a young six-piece band that has successfully manned the middle ground between traditional southern soul, driven by a lead vocalist, and the contemporary jam scene. Their sound fuses funk rhythms, progressive rock leads, and jazz-influenced textures with Brennan Beck’s rich vocals. With all members contributing nearly three decades of experience from prior bands, often times collaborating with one another in the past, Pluto Gang took orbit in the summer of 2019 when guitarist Dillon Crawford moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing the band to become a full-time project.

After a successful liftoff period playing local shows and unifying around a new catalog of original music, Pluto Gang made their public studio debut in January 2020 with the release of Moggy Oxvine. Their studio ambitions have not subsided, as they immediately took to recording more originals and have plans to release an EP in the spring. While the galaxy awaits more studio recordings, Pluto Gang will flex their primary strength, live performance, while hitting the road heavily and playing a multitude of shows in the college and club circuit around the southeast summer of 2020. Their live shows weave seamlessly in and out of songs, include high-energy improvisational movements, and carry with them a fun-loving aura. If anything is guaranteed, it is a good time.

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Frute is a group with a remarkably diverse approach to their music. Their sound blurs the lines between funk, bluegrass, jam, jazz, Americana and world music. Fans of artists such as The Allman Brothers, Steely Dan or Herbie Hancock will immediately connect with Frute’s constantly evolving repertoire.

The line-up set out to introduce something new and exciting, with each musician highlighting unique aspects of the group. There is a bit of smoothness, some edgy jazz arrangements, tribal grooves, and more importantly, dance-worthy rhythms that move the audience.

Frute is music for people who love exciting vibes and a diverse soundscape that always brings something fresh to the speakers.

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Venue Information:
The Evening Muse
3227 N. Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC, 28205