Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies – Tickets – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC – January 17th, 2020

Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies

Brandon Hardesty (of Bumpin Uglies)

Brandon Hardesty

All Ages
Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies

Brandon Hardesty is to music what memes are to the internet; smartly crude, hilariously funny, supremely memorable, yet within the chaos one finds wisdom, philosophy and insight into this crazy world. You could almost say a paradox…after all, once you get to know Brandon, you realize just how deep his character, wisdom and musical talent runs.

Much of his work is quick with lyrical quips, yet he has carved out a reputation for his heartfelt emotional songs, developing a range of approaches that makes it evident how much he puts into getting the words just right. Irreverent to reflective, over the top to emotional and serious, it's this dynamic approach that makes it clear Brandon and his music are earnest and authentic. It's also why people are drawn to Brandon the person. He's as unique as they come.

Now he's taking his unique solo version of Acoustic Cowboy Folk Reggae on the road for a few shows. Brandon is tireless and a born entertainer, so when his band Bumpin Uglies is not touring coast to coast, naturally a solo tour is added in. He explained what fans can expect on his solo sojourns.

"I've always done a bunch of solo gigs when we're not touring, but this will be my first time taking it on the road. I write a lot of slower singer-songwriter music that doesn't really work in the bar settings that I play around home or the rowdy club gigs that the Uglies play, so I thought it'd be fun to do some proper venue gigs and see what comes of it."

These solo shows will be in smaller listening rooms and clubs, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic, with an eye on branching out to places further afield, including the goal of playing through Europe in a year or two.

Loyal Bumpin Uglies fans will be happy to know that Brandon's solo gigs will pull heavily from their catalog of songs, along with his own collection of stripped-down folk songs. If you are music fan drawn to artists who were born to play, built their careers by grinding and working tirelessly until it all started to shine, yet still live to play some great songs for any amount of people, then Brandon Hardesty solo is a must for you.

Venue Information:
The Evening Muse
3227 N. Davidson Street

Charlotte, NC, 28205